10 Things You Can Do While In Lockdown

Business is slow.

In fact, for many of us it’s come to a very sudden stop! 

Not many of us have prepared for this situation and are now faced with the daily question of “well… What am I going to do today?”

When there’s no admin work and no new enquiries coming through the door we can often be lost and be unsure what the next step is.

I don’t want you to be sat there twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do, so I collated a list of 10 things I think you can be doing to help you when your business comes out the other side of this.

And it will.

It will come out of this.

I know it feels like it’s going to go on forever, but it won’t. It will end.

It may take 3 weeks, or 3 months, but we will emerge the other side of this.

When we do, you can either come out sat in the corner, curled up in a ball, crying.


You can come out with a fire in your belly and business ready to satisfy that fire.

It’s your choice.

Choose wisely!

Here’s What You Can Be Doing:


Review Your Contract

 Have you had to take a stark look at your contract in recent weeks? As weddings start canceling you have to look back at your terms and work out what to do about them.

Let’s be honest though, your contract probably didn’t account for a situation like this. 

We certainly didn’t see it coming, so if it did, can you let us know which magic crystal ball you’re using please?! I’d like the lottery numbers please!

You may have learned that some of your terms need tightening. Or, you might see that your contract needs loosening slightly.

Whatever you’ve learned, now’s the perfect chance to make those changes.

Get a CRM sorted

We bang on about CRM’s all the time. Some of you will be thinking “yes, I’ve got that sorted”. In which case, skip onto the next point.

However, I’m guessing a large number of you are thinking something like “I need a CRM”/”What even is a CRM?!”

If you fall into the latter category, now’s the time to act.

Chris and I know better than most that CRMs take time. They can take days or weeks to set up. Most people don’t have the time to sort out that out.

That’s why there’s a whole profession dedicated to building them out.

But, they can be expensive. You can be spending £1,500 + on a professional to build a full system for you. 

When you’ve had your income disappear, that’s a lot of cash!

Now we can’t leave the house for 3 weeks, it’s a great time to actually sit down and build your own system out.

Not only that, because we aren’t getting the same level of enquiries in as normal, it frees up time to fully test these systems out without having to put unfinished systems out for people to try out.

That’s right.

In 3 weeks you can have a fully working system that you and your clients will love!

Develop yourself

You might think I’m putting this here because we have courses to purchase to develop yourself and your business but this is not a sales blog. I really mean it. While we’re stuck inside you have to keep your brain active. It’s easy to resign yourself to Netflix for 3 weeks but your brain would turn to mush!

Not only would your brain turn to mush, you’ll find it really hard to get back into any sort of routine at the other end of this.

Self-Development is tough because there are so many fakers out there claiming to help but are actually scammers. Stick with people you’ve heard of and go deep.

We currently have our 8 Week Course available for “Pay What You Can” so you can take advantage of that. We make no judgements on what you pay, we realise this is a tough time for all of us.

There are plenty of others out there to learn from. It sure beats sitting in from of the TV all day.


I know I’ve been guilty of saying “I’ll read it when I’ve got time”… Well, now I have no excuse!

Read for pleasure. But also take this time to read some books on business.

As James Sinclair says; it’s your chance to spend a couple of days with a billionaire for a fiver. Where else can you get that kind of education?!

And he’s right. They might not always be billionaires but they are experts in their fields. That’s why they wrote a book!

Much like the self-development industry. There is a lot of rubbish out there. 

That’s why we pulled together a list of out favourite books. Chris and I have read every single one of these books and they have impacted our businesses in a positive way. You can check out the list here.

Develop A New Skill

This doesn’t sound business related. 

And it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, you should be doing things outside of business. We’ll come onto that later.

But, you could use this time to learn a complementary skill for your business.

If you are a florist, for example, you could use the time to learn about venue styling. This is then a great string to add to your bow to start upselling when the enquiries start coming back in.

And they will.

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s easy to forget that this will end!

Work on Your Upsells

Related to the previous point, now is a great time to come up with some great upsells that will really help your clients weddings be even better than before.

An upsell is something related to your business that you can sell to clients who have already booked. They are often low cost and have a high profit margin. 

There are so many things you can do within your business you can upsell. 

You might even be able to take some things that are in your packages at the moment and turn them into upsells. 

Which leads us onto the next point.

Restructure Your Packages

As a starting point. If you don’t have packages. Add them now!

They are a great way to capture more clients and make more money!

If you already have packages. How can you change them up to make them more profitable?

How can you encourage more people to book your top package?

What can you add/remove from your packages to make a certain package more appealing?

There is so much you can do with your packages to really make a difference to your bottom line, without actually don’t anything different.

Work Out Your Customer Journey

What is a customer journey?

It’s how a customer interacts with your business. What process do they go through? Is it the same for everyone?

How can you manipulate that journey to get more people to book you?

The best thing to do is sit down with a piece of paper and physically draw it out. This will give you ability to understand exactly the process your clients currently take.

Once you’ve done that, draw out your ideal customer journey. Are they the same?


Well. Do something about it!

Build Out An Advertising Campaign 

Whilst launching an ad campaign might not be the best thing to do at the moment, this makes it the perfect time to build out an epic advertising campaign for when things start going back to normal.


Well, the number 1 problem with advertising campaigns comes down to time. People rush them because they want to get them going and get the enquiries in.

That’s not the best way to do it.

I can say this because it’s what I do almost every time!

So, whilst launching a campaign is not the best thing to do right now. You can spend your time putting in the time and effort to nail down the perfect advertising campaign!

Enjoy Life

If this experience has taught us anything, life is short. Spend time with your family (in your house), Facetime friends, connect with people and enjoy the sunshine (but only from your back garden. For a short period of time).

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