Wedding Business Coach: 8 signs that you should consider working one

Wedding Business Coach or Business coaching in general.

You’ll probably fall into one of the following three categories with regards to it.

Firstly you could be like me and have had heard of it, used it and had excellent experiences of it (or perhaps you’ve had bad experiences and hated it – that’s the fault of the coach, not business coaching or you!)

Secondly, you could have heard of it and dismissed it as a stupid idea and not something you’ll ever be wasting your money on.

Thirdly, you’ve heard of it but are unsure what it is, why you’d need it and what it is really going to do for you and your business.

Reading this blog will be of benefit to you regardless of which of these you fall into, allow me to explain.

What is working with wedding business coach all about?

In short, it’s a relationship between a business and a coach(es) in which they work together to move the business from where it is to where the owner would like it to be.

The coach works as a sounding block, a place of accountability, a strategist, plan maker, problem recogniser and so much.

A wedding business coach will only ever advise honestly and without bias on the best course of action for the business, it is up to the business to take those actions.

The 8 signs a wedding business coach might be a great idea for your wedding business

1. You don’t complete tasks

One of the biggest things that a coach can do is to hold you to account.

If you’re the type of person that nearly finishes tasks, or forgets about them then having a coach to be accountable to is a surefire way of improving this.

Some people are very good at holding themselves to account, I’m lucky to be one but that was forced upon myself by completing a 6-7 year OU maths degree where the only person telling me to do the work was me.

Even though I am like this I still have my own coach holding me to account for things!

2. Your business feels stagnant, not steady

I’m not sure I entirely buy the phrase “if you’re not going forwards you’re going backwards”.

Jack says it sometimes and it doesn’t quite sit right with me, sorry Jack.

If you’ve got a similar amount of bookings as the previous year then that isn’t moving forwards or backwards.

For me personally it’s about how that feels, it could feel steady to you have it could just as easily feel stagnant – it depends on your goals.

A business coach will help you to recognise where you’re at with your business and also identify opportunities for you to move things forward if that is what you want to do.

3. You’re not making enough money

This doesn’t require any further explanation as to what it is.

The number one reason people come to us as wedding business coaches is because they’re not making enough money and would like to make more.

Working with a wedding business coach involves looking at unnecessary expenditure to save money and it also focuses on the ways in which you could be making more money.

That could be anything from increasing the amount of traffic to your website down to learning how to close a higher percentage of your leads into bookings.

A business coach will quickly identify the best and most efficient way in which you can increase your profits.

4. You’re stressed

If running your wedding business is more like running around like a headless chicken then I’m here to tell you that that isn’t how it has to be.
Stress is a killer and is incredibly unhealthy for so many reasons – but you don’t have to have stress in your business.

Working with a business coach will get you an unbiased outsider’s perspective of your wedding business.
You can find out where you’re wasting time, where you’re expending unnecessary energy and what you should be doing instead.
There’s every chance that the thing you need to be doing more is taking time off which is vital for your mental state and your business too.

5. You’re avoiding issues in your business

This is one of the biggest things to come out of coaching, therapy, counselling and many other talk type therapies.
Sometimes, especially in business, there are blindingly obvious issues; they don’t go unnoticed they are very much noticed but then for a variety of reasons are swept under the nearest rug, carpet or bed.

One of the things you pay a business coach for is to ask the difficult questions and the right questions.

If you’re ignoring a pretty big issue in your business then that’s a massive red flag.
That needs to be resolved as soon as possible – these issues don’t just go away, they fester, they anchor themselves down and frequently this single thing can result in the business not growing or at worst collapsing altogether.

A business coach will crowbar the answers out of you and put them front and centre of your mind such that you can work out firstly why you’re ignoring this and then secondly how to resolve it.

6. You find yourself bouncing new business ideas off of friends and family a lot.

Now before you jump down my throat I want to be clear on something.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you bouncing absolutely every single idea off of your friends and family, in fact, I actively encourage that.

The only problem with this is that your friends and family’s goal will be your happiness – if they see that you’re really excited about something then their likely response is to follow suit and get excited too because that’s what you want to hear.

They can become “yes-men” rather than give you honesty.

A business coach’s goal is your business succeeding.
This means saying “no” or “that’s the worst idea ever” or “that would be great but have you realised X”.
It’s this brutal level of honesty that you simply will not be able to get from 99% of friends and family but that’s honestly what you need to hear if you want to succeed.

7. You don’t have a plan

I’m not saying that your business can’t survive without a plan, it can.
What I am saying is that everything about your business will be better with a plan.

If you have an absolutely clear idea of what needs to be done and how it is going to be done every year, every month, every week, every day then you’re destined for success.
If you sit down to “work on your business” and find yourself stuck for ideas of what to do or start a job but quickly either get bored of it or realise you don’t know what you’re doing then you definitely need a plan.

A wedding business coach’s main job is to work alongside you to draw up a plan that not only is going to get you where you want to be but will be bespoke to you, your skills, your time frames and aspirations. It’s never a one size fits all approach with coaching.

8. You lack clearly defined goals

If you don’t need your business to make money and you just run it for fun then you don’t really need goals – just keep enjoying it.

(Stand by white-hot truth bomb incoming)

The converse is also true, if you don’t have goals in your business then you’re just running it for fun and you won’t really make money.

Goals are so important for the success of your business, they focus your mind on the things that are going to help you achieve them, they give you a barometer for your success in the business, they push you to work when you’re struggling to get motivated, gives you something to celebrate once achieved and so much more.

A good business coach will help you to define both the long term goals of the business as well as shorter-term ones as well. They’ll also teach you how to set daily goals so that you use your time more efficiently.

Getting a wedding business coach

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