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5 ways to get a better google ranking for your wedding business

5 ways to get a better Google Ranking for your Wedding Business

Ranking on Google, the eternal struggle that all businesses have whether they’re in the wedding industry or not.

Everyone wants to be number one but only one company can, everyone wants to be on the first page but only a handful can be among this elite.

Not many people know exactly how the google ranking system works but it isn’t the hardest thing to understand on a surface level when you think about what Google’s job is.

Google’s job is to take someone’s search term and match it to the very best information available.

That’s it.

So, how do you get your wedding business rank better on Google? Simple.

You create content that is the very best match to people’s search terms.

Getting a better Google ranking for your wedding business

“You can’t win the raffle unless you buy a ticket.” as someone once said.

Honestly, it’s one of my most hated expressions EVER.

Unfortunately, however, it works really well with what I’m about to say.

You can think of Google searches as being a little bit like a raffle and each of your web pages being tickets for this raffle. 

The more tickets you have the more likely you are going to be to win.

The difference between a raffle and a Google search is that the Google search is rigged to match the search to the best ticket.

The way to have the best tickets, and therefore, the best Google ranking for your website is to have more tickets and have all those tickets be really bloody good ones.

When a lot of people write blogs for their business they do so without much thought about what they’re going to write, the purpose of it and without truly knowing WHAT blogging is supposed to be doing for their wedding business.

They’ve been told by whoever that you must be blogging, it’ll help your business a lot and so they’ve just churned out content after content after content.

Whilst you might luck out and write a winner ultimately this approach tends to lead to diddlysquat, allow me to tell you some easy, actionable steps that you can take to improve your website’s chances.

5 Ways to improve the Google ranking of your wedding business

1) Ensure you’re targeting a particular search term.

When you’re creating a blog you should think of exactly which search term your content is trying to satisfy.

If you’re trying to satisfy a smorgasbord of different keywords then you’ll end up satisfying none of them.

If you’ve literally written a blog just for the sake of writing a blog then it will not be clear to Google what your content is about and who it should be showing it too.

Therefore your wedding business won’t rank on Google.

Step to take: Create all new content with a very clear idea of exactly which search term you are targeting.

2) Create content that is eminently readable and engaging.

Your Google ranking is affected by how good your content is.

Google wants to give their searcher the best “user experience” possible so that the next time they want to search for something their ONLY thought is to come back to Google.

There’s a whole bunch of metrics that determines how “good” content is but the length of time that people spend on a page is a very clear one. 

If people are coming onto the page finding the content disappointing or unreadable or unengaging then Google will “learn” that this content isn’t a good match for that search term and hence will punish the Google ranking.

Steps to take: Write fun, engaging, insightful content that is a joy to read.

3) Target less competitive search terms.

As I said towards the start only ONE result can be number one and only a handful can be on the first page of Google.

If you search for “wedding” on Google you get about 2.8 Billion hits.

“Wedding Flowers” gives you around 700 Million

“Wedding flowers for an august wedding” gives you just under 80 Million.

The more specific a search term is less results there are to compete against and the more likely you are to rank higher if you’ve targeted this term.

Far fewer people will be searching for these “longtail search terms” BUT equally that means that they are looking for much more specific information, give that to them!

Steps to take: Think of the exact content people actually want and will be searching for and target a keyword that doesn’t yield hundreds of millions of results.

4) Know who you’re writing for.

As we always say at Wedding Business Coaches it’s vital to know exactly who your ideal client is.

You should be laser-focused on who your business serves and be writing content for those people exactly.

Your writing style needs to be different for people who are deciding to have a quick village hall wedding compared to a lavish 6-figure castle wedding.

You also need to consider that people at different stages of their wedding planning are going to want different things.

Steps to take: Know exactly who your ideal client is!

5) Have a slick, smooth, fast, good looking website with a great call to action.

This once again comes back to Google wanting their searchers to have a good user experience, if your website takes an age to load people are going to click off.

If, visually, your website isn’t pleasant to be on, people are going to click off.

Perhaps the layout or the font or the colours are off-putting.

Being on a website should be a pleasant experience for the searcher, it should move them from point A to point B as smooth as butter.

Not only through the content itself but at the end you should be sending them to a relevant next step.

This step might be reading another blog, downloading a freebie or making an enquiry.

Steps to take: Ensure your website does exactly this.

Want your wedding business to have a better Google ranking?

Yes? Of course you do.

What I’ve written about here is more or less the tip of the iceberg, there’s much more to learn about the above sections plus there’s many more sections to learn about.

That’s why I created “How to be found in the Google Jungle” which is your perfect content idea creation tool.

In it I go into far more depth on all of the topics touched on above, it is the exact formula that I used to rank my website at Number 1 on Google for “Wedding drinks reception” amongst other terms for as far away as Australia.

My blogs get me hundreds of visitors to my website each and every month and ultimately lead me to more bookings.

If you want your wedding business to rank better on google then I honestly don’t think there is a product on the market better suited and priced at just £25.

Click here to find out more or buy: “How to be found in the Google Jungle

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