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Keep selling even after taking a wedding booking - Wedding Business Coaches

Why you need to keep selling yourself and your services long after you’ve been booked by a client

It’s a beautiful moment.

Some businesses even get you to ring a bell to signify that it has happened.

Closing a sale, turning a potential customer into an actual customer and actually having their money in your bank account along with a signed contract to confirm a wedding booking.

The hard work is done, the sale is in the bag and you can just move onto the next one.

But that isn’t quite true.

If that’s how you’re leaving things with someone who has booked you then this is the blog for you.

In today’s offering, I’ll be talking about why you need to continue selling yourself and your business long, long after the booking has been made.

Cars, Sofas and Waiters

If you’re sat there wondering why on earth you’d have to keep selling long after you’ve had the booking then you need to take a step back and look at things from a client’s perspective.

Booking things for a wedding is very unlike anything else that people tend to buy or book in their lives.

Normally people exchange money for something and they either get that thing straight away or have to wait for it to be delivered.
With things like cars and sofas etc, this delivery time can be fairly substantial but normally it isn’t much more than a few weeks.

With wedding bookings, it can be as little as a couple of months or as much as over 2 years between paying a deposit and actually experiencing what they’ve booked.

There’s a very good reason why every single time you go to a restaurant about 5 minutes after you’ve received your food the server will come and ask you if everything is ok.

Firstly, it’s because they want to make sure that everything is ok and as such can correct any issues but secondly, it’s a subconscious thing that they want to ensure that you are still being thought of by the server and thus the company, thirdly it gives you the chance to order something additional to what you already have.

I’m not suggesting that you should be emailing a couple a month after they’ve booked you to check they still want to keep the booking!

After Close Selling

With a potentially very long lead time between the booking and the wedding keeping in contact with the customer and continuing to sell yourself is such a great thing to do for the following reasons.

1. Connection and rapport

By keeping in contact it allows a stronger bond to build between yourself and your client. This building of rapport is such an amazing thing for both of you and will only heighten their satisfaction with the fact they’ve booked you.
It can also build a sense that they will be able to help them with ideas for the weddings or recommend other suppliers.

2. Validation

Sometimes people spend a long hard time thinking about decisions whereas sometimes they will book completely on a whim because they felt excited about an idea at a wedding fair etc.

By keeping in contact with a couple and continuing to send them marketing type material which shows off just how great you are it is only going to serve to validate and confirm this decision with them.
This is particularly important if they did book on the spur of the moment.
Providing this validation of just how great your business is will help to set into stone even further that the idea of booking you was the right one.

3. Becoming less of a luxury

No matter how you want to dress things up a wedding actually only needs two people and someone to do the ceremony (pretty much.)

Everything beyond that is a luxury item as in it is actually superfluous to requirements so whether you’re a dress supplier or a harpist the day can happen with or without your product/service.

Realistically there are going to be an awful lot of things which most couples will categorically need for their day but everything else outside of that is an extra.

In terms of “extras”, you will be fighting with other suppliers for your piece of the budget that they’ve set out for all of their “extras”.

The problem with being in this “extras” category is that you can be seen as dispensable should anything then change with the couple financially.

By continuing to sell yourself after the booking and proving to the couple how much you’ll be doing to improve their wedding day you will be moving away from dispensable and towards necessary.

4. Reduce cancellations

Taking the above 3 points into account.
If you improve your connection, validate their decision and make yourself indispensable then you will be moving away from the chopping block if things need to be tightened.

5. Make more money

Myself and Jack are very strong advocates of having upsells within your business.

These are extras which people can add to their existing package with you.

Selling these extra things which are available alongside convincer and connection building emails gives you a chance to make more money.

Also, if you do have various different packages on offer then if you’ve created a good connection with your couple then approaching them maybe a month before the wedding seeing if they want to upgrade makes a lot of sense.

This is going to have a much higher conversion rate than if you had created no connection with them at all.


Now you may be thinking that this is going to be a lot of hard work or hassle but it really doesn’t have to be at all.

Firstly you should be beginning to follow them on your social media channels and hopefully, they’ll return the favour.
Just by throwing the odd comment on one of their couple photos can be a good reminder that you exist.

Outside of this, it can be as simple as sending them an email every month or two, the email should be all about adding in further value for them in some way.
Perhaps it’s a video of your business in action, maybe a link to a blog you’ve written, perhaps you’re sharing a relevant magazine article that you thought they might find helpful.

If you’re not sure how to implement all of this or have any other issues within your business then feel free to book in a 15-minute complimentary coaching call with Jack and I.

We can discuss your business issues and then work out the best next steps forward from there.

Our Podcast

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Each LIVE episode is then available to listen on all of your favourite podcast streaming platforms.

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