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Wedding Business Coaching - Wedding Business Coaches

Personal Wedding Business Coaching

The quickest way for us to help you grow as a wedding business is with direct business coaching with us.

This can be done in a variety of different ways at several price points depending on your level of commitment and how much help you need.

No matter why you’re looking for help it all starts with a free 15-minute exploratory call with Jack and Chris.

To book in a slot simply click the button below.

Or if you’d like to read a little more first then read on

Just spent an hour talking to two pros who know their stuff!

Complete transparency, with nothing held back to help me further my business.

They hacked away at the unessentials and provided me with refreshing insight on how to push my business further!

Thank you both.

Marcus Bailey

Thank you!
I found it great not just because of the tips but how relevant and honest your opinions are.
Really appreciated!

Tonight i’m going to re-watch take notes and start make the changes ASAP

Mike Readings

Just finished a call with Chris and Jack. The advice that I received was tailored to my business and its problems and is easy to act on which makes it extremely valuable to my business.
The call was very relaxed and just felt like I was talking to two, very experienced, friends.
Highly recommend!

Myles Thornton

What is wedding business coaching?

Wedding business coaching, at its base level, is a conversation.

It is an honest and frank chat about exactly what is going on with your business at this moment in time and what you’d like to be going on with your business in the future.

Through our careful and considered questioning combined with your answers and our experience we help you find the path between what you have and what you want.

Whatever you want

You can come and speak to us about literally anything.
Some clients come to us with a specific goal in mind, for example they may wish to become better at selling for wedding fairs.
However just as many people will approach us and say “I’m not making enough money from by business and I don’t understand why”

There is no bad place to start from, we just begin wherever you are as this is the only place we can start from.

How can you help if you’re not in my business area?

Irrespective of whether you’re a florist, make-up artist or any other wedding professional we can help you.
The fundamentals of good wedding business practice, marketing, advertising, selling and closing remain the same regardless of your niche.

It actually turns out to be a benefit that we are in your area of expertise.
When you seek help from someone who knows your area there advice will tend to follow the same route and procedures as “that’s how we’ve always done things”.

We can look at things from an entirely new, fresh and outside perspective to provide you with unique, innovative and interesting solutions that other people in the industry won’t even have thought of let alone been able to put into practice.
You will be putting yourself well ahead of the curve by coaching with us.

How does it work then?

It starts with a free 15-minute exploratory call where we discuss what is going on for you and we then work out the best steps forward.

Some issues may require just a single call with us – you will leave this call with a clear direction for solving whatever issue you have.

Other problems will be a longer term fix and it may well be that over a number of weeks or months we have several calls. Each call will give you tasks which will need to complete to move forwards and we will hold you accountable for these tasks being completed.

2-on-1 Coaching

The staple of Wedding Business Coaches.

We’ll decide upon a plan that we think will get you to where you want to be and then it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to take things further.

In each 1 hour call we will dive in at a pre-scheduled time and let the conversation flow.

We’ll have in depth discussions about those things which need to be worked out, create a workable action plan for you to take away and make sure you leave the call with absolute certainty about the next steps to take.

1-on-1 Coaching

If you’re looking to work directly with just Jack or just Chris then you’re in luck.

Both Chris and Jack each have a particular set of skills, skills which they’ve acquired long careers, skills which make them indispensable for people just like you.

Seriously though if you or we feel that  conversation with just one of us is the right way forwards for you then we’ll offer this as part of our service to you.

Quickfire Coaching

If you have a small issue that you wish to chat over with one of us and reach a quick resolution then quickfire coaching is for you.

This is a 20-minute coaching call with just one of us diving into and resolving one issue in your business.

Our cheapest personal coaching option.

The benefits of having wedding business coaching

✅ Quickly and easily identify the problems in your business.

✅ Gain an unbiased outsider perspective.

✅ Being held accountable.
✅ Getting honest opinions

✅ Being told when you’re doing something badly or unhelpful for your business.

✅ Helping you celebrate your successes.

✅ Identifying weaknesses in your business.

✅ Recognising opportunities to exploit and grow from.

✅ Taking the pressure of you as the business owner.

Our Podcast

Every Thursday live on our Facebook group you can join us at 6pm to listen to The Wedding Business Coaches Podcast.

Jack and Chris will be live talking all things Wedding Business, answering your questions and having some fun along the way.

Each LIVE episode is then available to listen on all of your favourite podcast streaming platforms.

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