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"So, how do I pay the deposit?" Closing Wedding Clients - Wedding Business Coaches

“So, how do I pay the deposit?” Closing Wedding Clients


Want to be better at Closing Wedding Clients?

You’ve delivered the perfect sales pitch.

Your potential client has been nodding and  mmmhmmming along all the way through.

You’ve been laughing, they’ve been laughing.

You’ve never been more certain that someone wants to book you.

They say they’ll speak to their partner and call you back.

And you never hear from them ever again.

Sound familiar.

If you’ve been in this situation before or not known what to say to any of the lines that follow then you NEED this product in your life:

  • It’s more than we wanted to spend
  • Could you take £100 off the price
  • I need to speak my partner first
  • It’s a bit outside of our budget
  • We need to think about it
  • etc etc etc


You can be the greatest or the worst sales person in the world but if you can’t CLOSE a client then it is meaningless.

Closing is where the money is actually made.

If you were to liken it to a date it’s the difference between being kissed on the doorstep or invited in for coffee.

In this 8000 word, 30 page document you are going to learn everything you need to know in order to start closing the wedding clients that you want to work for on a regular basis.

You’ll learn

  • The difference between selling and closing.
  • When to move from one to the other.
  • Several different ways to transition from selling to closing.
  • Over 20 different closes covering a wide variety of objections.
  • Closes for different levels of confidence, varying personalities and styles.
  • And perhaps most importantly how to implement all of this information.

You’ll find no, horrible, sleazy, hard-selling tactics in here (we also explain why that is too)

What you will find is a huge range of closes that have been tried, tested and discussed by Chris, Jack or both of them.

The beauty of this being that not only do we tell you exactly what to say (although we thoroughly suggest that you make them your own) but we also explain the reasoning, psychology and ethos behind each close (when necessary).

If you’re sick and tired of waiting for clients to call back, given up because of ghosting and are ready to turn calls into cash and meetings into money so pick up “So, How Do I pay the deposit?” TODAY.

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