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How To Get Found in the Google Jungle: Your Content Creation Tool - Wedding Business Coaches

How To Get Found in the Google Jungle: Your Content Creation Tool

(5 customer reviews)


Your question system to understanding if this product is right for you.

1) Do you want your website to rank better organically on Google?

2) Are you happy to create new content for your website?

3) Would you like a system that will help you to create perfect content ideas for your website?

4) Are you happy to read several pages of theory which will underpin the knowledge necessary to understand how this system works?

5) Do you have £25?

If you’ve answered yes 5 times then click the buy button now, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

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"How to get my website to the top of Google?"
If we had £1.50 for every time we get asked that in a week we'd have at least a tenner.

Seriously though it's something which is a huge concern for a huge amount of people, how on earth do they get their business above their competitors in the Google rankings?

After years of creating content, doing SEO and digital marketing courses Chris is finally putting out what he believes to be the absolute best practice to follow if you want your business to rank well on Google.

The proof of this?

If you Google "Wedding Drinks Reception" within roughly a 60 mile radius of Chris' business then you will find that the top result on Google out of nearly 42,000,000 is Chris' blog "The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Drinks Reception."

When you buy "How to Get Found in the Google Jungle" you are really buying two things.

Firstly you're buying absolutely rock solid theory which is going to give you genuine understanding of exactly WHY you'll be doing what you're doing.

Secondly you'll be getting a system which will help you track the content you have already created and then have a clear vision of the exact content that you need to be creating next.

If you'd like your wedding business to rank for the search terms that real couples actually type into search engines and if you're ready to read some solid theory and put it into practice then this is the perfect download for you.

5 reviews for How To Get Found in the Google Jungle: Your Content Creation Tool

  1. Shane Black

    After working through several of Wedding Business Coaches’ products, this little book was the icing on the cake and really hit home for me. It fulfilled a long awaited need for an effective marketing strategy.

    Chris and Jack have put together a well-structured and systematic approach to creating great website content and achieving better organic ranking. The writing style and layout of the book makes it an easy and enjoyable read.

    None of the theory is pie in the sky stuff and Chris and Jack have clearly put these principles into practice for years in their own businesses.

    This is a must read for anyone who is serious about getting their wedding business ranking on Google and other search engines – and at £25, it’s an absolutely steal!

  2. Tom Wishart

    Chris and Jack take a clear and common sense approach to creating content to help with organic search engine rankings.

    They have taken an insanely complex subject and simplified it down to an easy to follow and guided process.

    This type of knowledge takes years of research and experimentation to produce. It’s basically fantastic and I have no idea why it is only £25!

  3. Lucy Waddell

    This PDF is gold! The Wedding Business Coaches have done a fantastic job with the content in this guide!

    For what is a very complicated subject, this PDF is incredibly easy to understand and digest as it’s written in a clear and simple way, making it perfect for beginners right through to people that think they’ve got it sussed.

    Very insightful and well worth £25! I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to understand the theory of getting found on google and making their way to the top of the search engine! Follow the steps and you will get results!

  4. Greg Thurtle

    Wow! What can I say? I have been looking for a simple and easy to understand guide on how to help raise my google rankings and this guide is perfect! I thought of myself as a pretty switched on guy but this guide really helped me think about why I was writing things and what I should be doing differently.
    I’d highly recommend this guide to experienced tech-savvy folks and also people who are complete beginners the language used and the examples take you through exactly how to create the perfect content for you and your website. It’s written in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner. I would pay many times the asking price (and probably have over the years). So if you’re on the fence and wondering if this if for you then stop wondering and start reading and before you know it you’ll be writing engaging content that google will love you for!

    I can’t recommend this highly enough!

  5. Damian Surr (verified owner)

    In “How To Get Found in the Google Jungle”, Chris has somehow condensed hundreds of hours of content marketing seminars, book reading and webinar watching into 24 pages of concise instruction.

    If you’re looking for something to look pretty on your bookshelf, that makes you feel like you’re being productive, then there are more attractive books, which cost much less.

    If you want a framework that will show you a clear route to success with organic listings, this could be the best £25 that you spend this year.

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