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How to Run a Successful Wedding Business (8 WEEK COURSE) - Wedding Business Coaches

How to Run a Successful Wedding Business (8 WEEK COURSE)


This our 8 week in depth course on How to Run a Successful Wedding Business.

It’s a massive extension on our free video course which takes the 8 units we spoke about an expands them into their own weekly video.

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In this 8-Week Video Course you will receive access to a weekly unit which will take you a step closer to having a successful wedding business regardless of which sector of the industry you’re in.

Across the 8 units you will see Chris and Jack create an imaginary wedding florist called Jennifer’s Flowers and we’ll run through each and every step of the process so you can see all of their advice in action.

Here’s a break down of the 8 units in full

What you are getting yourself in for by choosing to be a professional wedding supplier.
– The cold hard truth of running a wedding business
– Creating your mission statement, bios and elevator pitch.
– Work routine and goals.
– Working attitude, overcoming obstacles.
– Being the boss.
– Looking after yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

– What is an ideal client?
– Clients are like fish.
– Why this client?
– Writing your ideal client.
– What else you can do?
– How to use this information?

– Why is packaging so important?
– How many packages should you have?
– How you create packages.
– Where do you put your pricing?
– How does that fit with your ideal client?
– Make sure your numbers make sense.
– Is it viable?

You know your why, your who and your how much – now you need people to know who you are and identify with you.
– What is branding?
– What is marketing?
– Brand consistency
– Avoiding cliches and standing out.
– How to market to your ideal clients
– Where to market to your ideal clients
– How to speak to your ideal clients

The cornerstone of your entire business – most roads will lead to here which is why it’s so important to get it right.
– Purpose of your website.
– Getting your design right.
– Doing it yourself Vs Paying for it.
– The text conundrum
– How to write to your ideal clients.
– Improving your website
– Using Google Analytics
– Blogging
– Show don’t tell

The big three – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
– Strategies for getting seen, followed, and most importantly, money on each platform.
– Why you shouldn’t be selling on Social Media
– Quality not Quantity
– Content creation
– The hashtag fallacy.

– The difference between selling and closing
– When you are selling.
– Misconceptions around selling.
– How to move from selling to closing.
– How to sell without selling.
– How to close

– How to get your clients desperate to work with you?
– Promoting word of mouth.
– The importance of touch-points.
– How you can add value where others won’t.
– How to create a consistent system.
– Choosing a CRM.
– Working with a CRM

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