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The Anatomy of the Perfect Wedding Sales Call by Chris Piercy - Wedding Business Coaches

The Anatomy of the Perfect Wedding Sales Call by Chris Piercy


Want to make better and more confident Wedding Sales Calls?

Are you terrified of Telephoning?
Feel like you’re cold calling?
Do you actively avoid making business phone calls?

If you’re not phoning potential clients about them making a booking with you then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

But why is talking on the phone and making wedding sales calls so important?

  • Speaking to someone on the phone allows you to get to know them much better than email.
  • Calling is so much more efficient.
  • Much lower chance of miscommunication – the written word can be easily interpreted.
  • Phone calls are dynamic conversations allowing you to immediately change course dependent on the information you receive from the client.
  • Allows for instant feedback and answers, no waiting for the phone to ring or for the email to appear in your inbox.
  • Clients will reveal more information, needs and wants throughout a conversation opening the door for you to find easier ways to sell to them.

Chris’ 9 step guide to having the perfect wedding sales call with a potential client will talk you through the whole thing.

Pick up this easy to follow instant PDF download NOW


It has been proven beyond all doubt that the highest converting sales situation is face to face.

But time constraints, inconvenience and all sorts of other reasons mean that often this just simply isn’t possible.

The closest we can get to this is to speak to potential clients over the phone.

Chris and Jack are both very strong advocates of having sales conversations with potential customers as it is efficient, effective and easy.

Chris has now broken down how to have a perfect sales call into 9 fairly easy to follow steps and published it as “The Anatomy of the Perfect Wedding Sales Call”.

Now whether you’re already comfortable on the phone but aren’t making sales or whether the thought of phoning someone is truly terrifying to you this is the perfect system for everyone.

There’s no hard selling, there’s no complicated things to remember, there’s no pressure on you or the potential customer.

The 9 Steps are broken down and given detailed explanations so that you understand now just the how but more importantly the why.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to view sales calls as just having a friendly chat with someone who might want to book you – because honestly, that’s what it is or should be!

Pick up this easy to follow instant PDF download NOW

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