What I’d be doing if I was concentrating on my Wedding Business right now.

Let’s be honest, it’s among the worst times possible to be self-employed since the 2009 recession.

Being in the weddings and events industry is an absolute nightmare.

You might already have had your all work cancelled you might dying the death of a thousand cuts where each new day brings a cancellation or perhaps you’ve got some crazily optimistic couples who think that it is all going to be fine and their wedding can go ahead in 3 weeks time.

I’ve already written a blog and recorded a podcast about covid-19 and the wedding industry in general but this blog is going to be getting into more specifics of EXACTLY what I’d be doing if I was concentrating on my wedding business.

My circumstances

I’m in a bit of a different boat to a lot of wedding suppliers. For those of you not up to date with my situation I’m currently awaiting a third back operation and I’m not currently able to do my normal wedding work of performing close-up magic, mindreading and hypnosis.

This means I find myself concentrating fully on Wedding Business Coaches and providing as much great, insightful and useful content as I possibly can.

This blog is therefore about what I WOULD do.

Let’s get started.

The Long Game

I’m making the assumption that the majority of you got into the Wedding industry as a career as opposed to something you thought you’d do for a bit of fun for a couple of years.

The lead time on most bookings is too long for businesses to do it as a flash in the pan.

So unless I’m massively mistake you’re in this for the long haul, right?

If not then it’s time for you to move onto your next venture.

If you’re in this for the long haul then read on.


It seems as if the 2020 season is going to be more-or-less a write-off, you need to be keeping in contact with current bookings, going ahead with them if they’re still happening and being completely safe and healthy with regards to everything.

It is unlikely that you’ll have any or many new bookings coming in but if you’re still getting enquiries in then keep that advertising going.

As a general rule I think most 2020 couples are not going to be looking to make any new bookings at all.

This means that your success resides in the future with the 2021 brides, the 2022 brides, the 2023 brides, the couples who aren’t even engaged yet and beyond.

You need to make these potential future customers completely and utterly fall in love with your business and brand, that’s what I’d be trying to make happen right now.

Content is king

The wedding businesses who are going to come out of this sorry mess shining, prepared for the future and raring to go and are going to be the ones who have used this enforced down time most effectively.

My prediction is that there will be a direct correlation between “continued business success” and “the amount of quality content that you put out”.

Let’s be clear, you should be putting out quality content as much as you possibly can regardless of a global pandemic, the fact that you’ve got more time than ever on your hands is an absolute gift that this awful situation has provided you with.

Doubling down and New ventures

I know for a fact that the blogs wedding I wrote for my magic wedding business were easily my best source of marketing, they provided thousands and thousands of visitors to my website every year.

I have the statistics that prove that blogs are a very valuable use of my time so I’d be trying to churn out as many of these as possible during the periods of quasi-lockdown.

Have a look at your own statistics on Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics and find out what generates the most interaction and engagement with your business.
Whatever that source is, do more of it!

Do not let your heart lead you in this, it’s a time for logic not emotion, go with your brain with cold hard stats to back it up.

Both Facebook and Instagram have an “insights” tab full of useful information about which posts create the most interaction/profile visits/comments/likes/reactions etc.

Google Analytics will tell you more information than you’d ever need about pages on your website as well as the sources of that traffic too.

If this doesn’t make it obvious what you’re best content is then I don’t know what will!

There is another option though.

If you don’t want to put out more of the same content or you want something new then there’s scarcely been a better time to do just that.

The biggest problem with starting up something in a new medium (for example a new Youtube channel) is getting enough content on there, with all the time that you have now you can be spending your normal 7 hour working day creating new content to fill this new platform up.

The more content you have the easier it is to find things.

Here at wedding business coaches we have seen an incredibly sharp rise in the amount of podcast listeners we’re getting so we are making huge efforts to get as much content as we can out on there.

Here’s a few ideas of things you could be doing:

– Starting a blog
– Starting a podcast
– Launching a Youtube channel
– Creating behind the scenes videos of your business
– Making DIY video for your sector if the industry
– Giving out regular free wedding advice and tips
– Writing a book on your experience in the wedding industry
– Asking your followers what they want to see
– Starting a Tiktok account
– Getting on Snapchat and gaining a following there.
– Starting doing regular live videos on Facebook/Instagram

Don’t tell me you’re bored, don’t tell me you haven’t got time to do stuff, tell me what you’re doing to get yourself through this mess. 


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