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Coronavirus & the Wedding Industry: What Wedding Businesses should do

Coronavirus and the wedding industry: what your business should be doing.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 whatever you call it, there’s no doubt it’s caused a bloody mess.

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc with small and large businesses up and down the country with small businesses such as the ones which make up the backbone of the wedding industry likely to be most harshly affected.

We felt that as a company and as wedding professionals ourselves we should share our thoughts, feelings and advice about the whole situation.

It is really important to understand that what you’re about to read is our thoughts and opinions, this isn’t and shouldn’t be considered legal advice.

1. Your control of the coronavirus

I probably bang on about this too much within my blogs but it is really important to understand.
Our lives and our businesses are not defined by what happens to us but instead by how we respond to the situation.
The coronavirus is here and the impact is becoming fairly apparent it is now up to you to decide what YOU are going to do about it for yourself.
Your response to this will determine whether your business sinks or swims.

2. Communication

What your current bookings need from you right now is clear, concise communication.

They need to know exactly what is going on at your end and what your policies are with regards to everything.

The policy that we see most people taking, ourselves included, is that if your wedding has to be cancelled then you can transfer your booking to another date at no additional cost.

The difficulty comes when you’re not available on this re-arranged date.

You then need to refer to your own T+Cs to check legally where you stand.

From here you need to judgement call on whether you wish to enforce things or not.

Our general advice is be kind.

3. Cashflow

This is going to be a potentially major issue for a lot of you during the coronavirus pandemic.

If your policy on payment has a small percentage deposit followed by a balance payment closer to the date then you may be in a situation whereby that money which you were reliant on might not be forthcoming.

There are clearly two ways in which you can help yourself.

1. Reduce outgoings.

2. Ensure that you have money coming in.

Let’s look at reducing outgoings.

I’d recommend looking at absolutely everything you’re spending money on and cut back on everything possible.

If you’ve over paid your mortgage in the past can you get a payment holiday?

lookaftermybills.com can automatically put you on the cheapest tariff available for your energy.

Dispense with unnecessary personal and business expenses.

With necessary business purchases I’d look at delaying making purchases as long as possible.
There would be nothing more frustrating than buying stock for a wedding only to have it cancelled and that money wasted.

And what about income?

Well this is really, really tricky.
Your current bookings have agreed payment terms with you and the majority of people aren’t going to be looking to pay things earlier than they have to.

You could in theory ASK for an early payment but this could lead to problems further down the line.

The most sensible source of income is actually in landing more bookings.

Which brings us to….

4. Don’t stop marketing

Now if this has spun your head off then I’m not completely surprised.


If you have a solid marketing/advertising plan in place then let your statistics, not your heart, make the decision.

People still clicking adverts? Are people making enquiries? People still booking you? Why on earth would you turn your marketing off?

It’s a source of income.

Also for new bookings you can set whatever payment terms you like which means you can help improve your cashflow.

5. Keeping up to date with the Coronavirus facts

It’s really important to keep yourself up to date with factual information about the coronavirus.

Facebook in particular is littered without fake news and misleading information about the situation and the best practices.

Do not share anything on your social media or websites unless you’re absolutely certain it is accurate information.

The policies on everything are determined by the government so the information from www.gov.uk is going to be the best place to find this out.

Update your social media pages and your website with your policies too.

6. Making the best out of the situation

Are you going to binge Netflix or do the best for your business?

Here at Wedding Business Coaches we want to help you come out of this situation as best you can.

So we’ve taken action and created two excellent things for you to do with your business during the lockdown.

Free Wedding Business Resources 

We’ve created a web page of completely free resources to help you with your wedding business from daily planners to sales pitch checklists.

All completely free 

Pay what you want for our 8 week course

Last year we released an 8 week course on How to Run a Successful Wedding Business which retailed at £247.

To fill in your time, help your business and make the best of the situation we’re now offering this to you on a “pay what you want basis”

Coaching calls

We also offer free 15-minute coaching calls with Jack and I, feel free to book one of these in to discuss anything that you like.

7. Keeping yourself healthy from the coronavirus

The advice that is being put in place is being done so for a reason.

Follow the government advice on things not what Aunt Karen shared on Facebook, the advice applies to EVERYONE.

The most sensible thing I’ve read is to act like you would if you were already infected and knew you were a carrier.

Ensure that you’re doing stuff that’s keeping you both physically and mentally healthy.

8. Making yourself indispensable

The majority of the weddings are still going to go ahead.

It might just be that they are in 6 months time, or possibly in a year or more but they will still be happening.

However, peoples circumstances might well have changed, budgets will have altered, priorities reconsidered.

It’s vital for the continuation of your business you don’t just ASSUME that they’ll want to book you still.

Keep “selling” yourself to couples who’ve booked you, remind them why you’re awesome and what you’re going to be bring to the day.

Be helpful, be kind, be there for them so that you’re someone that MUST be at their wedding.

9. Plan for what’s going to happen

This is something I feel very strongly about.

It is basically inevitable that given the coronavirus lockdown people are going to be spending even MORE times on their phones and potentially even more time wedding planning.

I really think that one of the ways to win this game is to be making absolutely vast amounts of video content aimed at couples.

Hair stylists and make-up artists could make tutorials of how to do wedding beauty.

If you’re a cake-maker then take them behind the scenes.

If you’re an entertainer showcase or teach your talents.

Whatever it is that you do, create a Youtube channel and find a way of flooding it with top quality video content.

Not only is this incredibly helpful but it is going to raise your professional profile and going to get you seen by potentially thousands and thousands of new couples.

Our Podcast

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Jack and Chris will be live talking all things Wedding Business, answering your questions and having some fun along the way.

Each LIVE episode is then available to listen on all of your favourite podcast streaming platforms.

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