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Work Life Balance when you're running a wedding business

The Wedding Business Work-Life Balance Enigma

“If only there were more hours in the day”.

How often have you said that, thought that or screamed it?

Time is our only non-renewable asset, once you’ve used time there is no getting it back and also not knowing how much time we have left.

Christ, that went a bit morbid for a wedding business blog.

But the truth as you already know is that you only have a certain amount of hours in each day.

There’s always more work to do

If you’ve been running your business any length of time at all then you’ll already know this.
No matter how much work you do on any given day there is always more work to do.

You can sometimes try and start on the following days work to get ahead or maybe go back to yesterday’s work that didn’t quite get finished.

As a business owner, particularly a solo entrepreneur, you’ll always want to do as much as possible because the more you do that better the chance of your business succeeding, right?

Well maybe.

It’s of vital importance that you’re working on the right things.
Working on the right things will give you a better chance of success – you need to be working smarter, not harder.

What’s the point though?

Did you start up your wedding business because you wanted to work really hard?
I’m guessing probably not.
You probably did it because you wanted to get paid for doing something that you love doing.

You also probably had aspirations of the joy of being your own boss and taking the time out to do the things that you enjoy doing with your life, whether that be time with a partner, time with your family, doing leisure activities or just having a lay in when you want one.

If you’re working every waking minute of the day on your wedding business then you are doing something fundamentally wrong.
Unless your only goal in life is to have a successful wedding business and nothing else.

So, what’s the point in working so hard if it is at the cost of not being able to do the things that you want to do in your life?

Wouldn’t you rather be happy?

Priorities and Schedules and Work Life Balance

I wish I could provide a more interesting and fun approach to this work-life balance issue but it really comes down to what is important to you and ensuring that that is done.

Note – This is just one way of doing things, there are countless others.

You have to decide on your priorities and then schedule your life around them.

Get yourself a planner which allows you to schedule things down to the hour.

If you have a family like I do then spending time with your children probably comes first and foremost to you.

If they have clubs, commitments which involve you and doing things like school pick-ups then put these in your weekly diary first of all.

Now put in any personal commitments that you have, such as playing netball on a Tuesday night or tuning into the Wedding Business Coaches Podcast live at 6pm on Thursdays, hint hint.

Next schedule in times when you will be categorically devoted to your children or partner or whoever is important to you.
These times are vital.
This is time for them where your phone is off or in the other room and you give them 100% of you.
This can be just 30 minutes a day or an hour here and there but you will thank yourself for this.

You also need some “you” time, this is whatever does it for you whether it’s an evening out with friends, a hot bath by yourself or just 15 minutes to meditate every day.
This time off is vital for your business too.
The better you feel the better you can work.

Now schedule in your sleep, 6-8 hours is great, the closer to 8 the better!

If you like, you can even schedule in your mealtimes.

What you have left now is all the hours that you can, if you like, work on your business.

Notice how by scheduling in this way you’ve ensured that everything that you NEED to do and everything you WANT to do is completely covered and yet you still have hours and hours left each day.

Work Life Balance Key: Your working hours

How you divide up your working hours is up to you.
If you have a very set plan for what needs to be happening week by week as I know many florists do then you’re pretty much determined by that schedule.

If however you have a certain amount of work that needs to get done in a week and it doesn’t matter when it happens then the hours are your oyster.

I’m quite a fan of getting the jobs that I enjoy less out of the way leaving me the jobs I do like as something I look forward to.

When put off a bad job then that means you’ve got to do it at the end of the week when you’re potentially tired and can’t be bothered which is not going to bode well for your motivation levels.

If, like us, you have a 6-month marketing plan in place then you’ll have a very clear idea of exactly what needs to be happening when and you can plan out your week accordingly.

Your work life balance then starts to feel a little clearer.

But why schedule?

People are sticklers for saying there simply isn’t enough time to do things but modern life has led us to be the worst time-wasters imaginable.
How many hours a week do you spend scrolling through Facebook/Instagram mindlessly just looking for something interesting?
How much time is wasted reading articles/news about other people’s lives?
How many hours of Netflix have you consumed this year?

The most successful people alive and who have ever lived had exactly 24 hours in their days too and they managed to accomplish incredible feats.

Having enough time to do the things you need to do can often be about sacrifice.
Yes, you can get a blog written every week but it means only watching one episode of the latest binge-worthy series on Amazon Prime, not two.
You can absolutely create content for Instagram in one morning but it means starting as soon as you wake up rather than laying in bed mindlessly scrolling for an hour.

Schedule out your week and including all of the commitments and all of the things you want to do as well means you’ll have a crystal clear picture of all the time you have.

Implementing that plan, sticking to it and then using the time as efficiently as possible means that you’ll never catch yourself saying “if only there was more time” again.

Time for a change in your Work-Life Balance?

If you’d love to move your wedding business forwards or have a particular issue which you can’t get passed then maybe it’s time you had a chat with Jack and I here at Wedding Business Coaches.

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