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Why it's time to stop offering discounts in your Wedding Business - Wedding Business Coaches

Why now is the time to ditch the idea of offering discounts in your wedding business.

Business is slow.

You’re looking at the diary and there are still some key dates in the summer which still really need filling.

You thoughtfully twirl a pen between your fingers whilst you ponder what to do.

Time passes…..


The idea hits you like a bolt of lightning!

“I know” You exclaim, “I’ll offer 15% off all bookings made within this month”

You then, for some strange reason, explain your logic for doing this out loud

“The 15% off will tempt them in and the fact they have to do it this month means they’ll get on with it and book me!”

You post it on your Instagram, your Facebook and all of the Facebook wedding groups you’re a member of and wait for the money to roll in.

The month passes, no-one books, what went wrong?

How on earth are you not a millionaire yet?

It’s time for me to tell you it’s time to stop offering discounts on your wedding services.

The discount fallacy

It might seem strange to hear but the price isn’t the number one reason that couples don’t book your business.

And this is very unlike me but I’m not going to back up what I’m with facts and statistics.

The main reason that people don’t book your business is because they’ve never heard of you, allow me to explain using the above offer.

Let’s look quickly at the brainwave that was hypothetically applied at the start.
The reason I used this as an example is that I see this type of offer plastered all over Facebook wedding groups all of the time with little or no interaction on them whatsoever.

Even if you have a thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram your offer will be unlikely to have even been seen by 500 people.

In the Facebook wedding groups, it all just gets lost with all the other similar posts so lets very generously say that another 200 people see your offer.

Giving us 700 people who have seen your offer.

In order for any of these people to book you, they have to…..

…be engaged

…want your type of service at their wedding

…be in a position where they’re able to make a booking (for example can’t book you if they haven’t booked the venue)

…feel like you’re the best person to provide that service.

Once you’ve passed those 700 people through all of those filters is it any real surprise that it didn’t result in a single booking?

Even if you had offered a 99% discount it is unlikely to have resulted in any bookings.

The money was never the problem.

Raising awareness

We’ve spoken on the podcast and within our courses about our opinions on not offering discounts but instead giving couples free extras when they book so I’m not looking to dive into that here.

What really needs to be spoken about is the elephant in the room.

If you’re not getting enough work then, as I hinted at above, the problem is because not enough people know that your business exists.

This is a longer-term approach and helps to establish yourself as a company as well as allowing you to build up a connection and a relationship with potential future clients.

“But, how do I do this?”

Well, it’s a case of getting your business out there into the world with an actual marketing plan.

The word “marketing” gets thrown around a lot but, to me at least, marketing means connecting your business with your ideal clients.

For my own wedding business, this has always been blogging.

When you’ve attended hundreds of weddings and have learnt something from each then you’ve got a wealth of expertise to share with the world.

Putting this information out there and written with your target audience in mind is an excellent way to let people know you exist, position yourself as an expert and to start building a relationship with them.

Depending on your brand/company it might be that you make your Facebook page the go-to place for hilarious wedding memes.

Or if you’re a make-up artist mayve a series of product reviews and tips on how to do make-up on a daily basis is the way in which you form a connection.

Connection and Expertise

As we’ve mentioned a million times it all has to start with you knowing who your ideal client is.
Once you know that then think about how you’d like that client to view your business.

Create content that is going to make your client view your business in that way.

And here’s the next step.

Actually pay for that content to be connected with those people.

Facebook Advertising is a ridiculously powerful tool in achieving this but there are lots of other options out there (this isn’t a blog on how to advertise though.)

In a world where business is getting more competitive, it tends to be the case the people are disheartened and end up getting lazy.

If you’re throwing out discount booking offers to try and grow your business then you’ve fallen into that category.

People buy from companies/people that they know, like and trust.

A random ill-conceived offer is never going to tick any of those boxes.

A well thought out and planned approach to marketing which elevates your business to that of an expert whilst simultaneously creating awareness and connecting you with your ideal clients is the one.

That’s a winning plan no matter what part of the wedding industry you’re in.

If you’re finding this whole concept crazy and can’t think how you’d apply it to yourself or perhaps you’re just seeking a nudge in the right direction then a call with Wedding Business Coaches could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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